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Some Work I've Done.

Is This Image Fake | Detecting fake images with neural networks

Using convolutional neural network, I was able to detect, with 94% accuracy, whether an image has been digitally altered. Go ahead and upload image or an image link and the model will predict if it was digitally altered.

See more of my detailed findings here.

Built with Flask, Keras, and React.

Is This Image Fake

Avert | Get The Squares!

Use your hero to avert the enemies at all costs! All the squares on the screen increase speed and size as you acquire more squares. Be sure to get the good power ups and avoid the bad power ups!

Avert is an iOS game written in Swift. Used Sprite Kit as our game engine for graphics rendering and animation infrastructure. AVFoundation and AudioToolbox was used to integrate customized music during game play, acquring squares, and squares explosion. Game Center is also integrated.

errorByte | Learn to Code!

Learn to Code by Learning Coding Errors in a trivia format! I believe that everyone should try and encounter as much errors as possible. I hope this app will empower beginner coders as much as I did while creating those errors.

errorByte is an web app built with Rails, AngularJS, and PostgreSQL


Text Me, Maybe? | Schedule Future Texts

"TextMe, Maybe?" is an app that enables people to schedule text messages in advance and have it delivered at a predetermined date and time. There are multiple use cases for this app from the ability to schedule a text greeting in advance for a loved one to setting up reminders for group gatherings to reminding an elderly family member to take their prescription medications regularly.

Text Me, Maybe? is a web app built with Rails, Twilio API, Redis, Sidekiq, AJAX, and PostgreSQL

Text Me, Maybe?

Picture It Now | Search Anywhere!

Currently, through the Instagram app, photos are only searchable through tags and users. What if I wanted to see what is currently happening in London, UK? or even Cape Town, South Africa? Hawaii? What better way to discover a location than to find everyday people taking picture at that location? So search away!

Picture It Now is an web app built with Node.js, ExpressJS, Instagram API, Google API, Forecast API, and PostgreSQL.

Picture It Now


Randall Leung.

Randall Leung

Software Developer


San Francisco, CA